Drive productivity and gain the Competitive Edge by up-skilling your most important asset... YOUR PEOPLE!

With over 17 years of corporate training experience, I understand the ever-changing challenges businesses face today. This creates the need for staff, managers, and leaders to continually enhance their core skills.

As a leadership coach, I work one-to-one (via phone or in-person) with business owners, managers, supervisors, project managers, supervisors, and team leaders.

As a workshop facilitator, I design and deliver leadership seminars and tailored team building experiences.

As a trainer, I create eBooks, online courses, and articles, each designed to develop business skills.

On-site Seminars and Workshops

In-house seminars and workshops, online business skills training and personal one-on-one coaching provides innovative, flexible options and guarantee powerful results. Half-day, one-day, or a series of courses can be specifically tailored to your organisational requirements.
  • Customer Service
  • Organisational, Time and Productivity Mastery
  • Conflict Management
  • Leadership
  • Management Skills
  • Change Management
  • Employee Performance Management
  • Keys to Powering Up Productivity, Sales and Profits
  • Handling Unacceptable Staff Behaviour  
  • Set Goals, Beat Procrastination, and Power Ahead  
Each in-house half day or full day seminar provides a high quality learning experience. Seminars are customized to meet your exact needs, are tailored to ensure the challenges and objectives of your group are addressed, and are backed by our 100% money back guarantee.

Bottom Line Results

I will work with you to increase proficiency, employee morale, and most of all, your bottom line results!
Managers and supervisors, business owners, project managers, customer service staff, front desk staff, personal assistants, sales people, factory staff, all have benefited from my training and seminars. Now you too can benefit from my extensive expertise and knowledge gained through facilitating seminars Australia wide for companies both large and small.

Just a few of the businesses we have worked with: